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Friday, 5 August 2011

Today I have been watching a British show called the Dragon`s Den. One of the ideas was to make a vending with umbrellas for 2£. An inventor wanted 150.000 pounds for a 20 % of the business.
I think it was great idea and people would buy it. Finally 2 off the dragons gave him money 75.000 each.
One more very nice business was The Baby Dream Machine. The idea of it was to save time of the parents and let children sleep. It was simple. You have to put buggy on special thing and it will imitate parents moves when they are rocking children to sleep. Idea of it was good but owners wanted too much money.

Dragon's Den IV

Name of business: Art Out There

Summary of the pitch:
100.000 £ + borrow 100.000£ for 49 %
He has a contract with Pizza Express and he want to do a musical events.

Your thoughts on the pitch:
I think that was not professional and he couldn't get this money.

Will they get the business:

Dragons Den V

Name of business:
Baby Dream Machine Limited

Summary of the pitch:
150.000£ for 5 %
It's a machine which helps to fell a sleep small kids. You put your buggie on it and it starts to rock.

Your thoughts on the pitch:
I think it is a good idea but still too expensive.

Will they get a business:
No (correct answer)

Further research:

Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply

Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The first cities

Cities have existed since the beginning of recorded human history. This was cultural and technological change.
The first villages came with the beginning of agriculture in the Middle East about 10.000 years ago. Trade was an important thing for a larger towns and cities.
In cities like Mesopotamia (Tigris and Euphrates) or Egypt (Nile) when there is a big river near a city, people started to build dams to protect them from a floods. They were digging a big rows where water could drain to other places. With this technology, farmers could move to other areas. People did a special calendar and they know when the floods would come to reap most of benefit.

First cities were more than composed of workshops. They had a lot of monumental structures. The great planned cities of the Indus valley build around 2600BC had a water-saving system.
All different classes lived in other parts of the city.


The one the types of football fans are Ultras. Word Ultra comes from Italian and it means "beyond limit". Ultras are known because of their fantastic support. The behavioral tendency of ultras groups includes the use of flares, vocal support in large groups and the displaying of banners at football stadiums. They are doing everything to make opposing players scared.

Mostly they are not quiet and polite. They are aggressive and dangerous. Sometimes supporting becomes fighting, sometimes influenced by political ideologies or racism.
I think it's something more than sport. It's everything about respect and unity of people. They have their own anthem and they know a lot of stories about themself. It's very dangerous game because Ultras started to use weapon. They can do a lot of injuries or even kill somebody.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Last film I have seen was Hitler a Profile. It's a documentary film about the world famous Austrian-born German dictator Adolf Hitler.
He was born in 1889 in small Austrian village and died in 1945. His dream was to be an artist but his father ( Alois Hitler) was against that. When Adolf was 18, he tried twice to get to Art School in Vienna. Unfortunately his paintings weren't so good. I think now, everybody would prefer know Hitler as an artist.
Film says a lot about Adolf's relationships with womans and about suicide on of them. There is a lot about his career as an politician. I will write about it later.